How can you improve your kids English language skills? Any ideas?

One of Al Watan™ members suggested that we hold discussions also in English from time to time.

I actually think it is a wonderful idea … so this is our first.

And since we are in the beginning of the school year, I thought why not talk about how to improve our kids English language skills.

I know lots of people are fascinated and try hard to do just that, and some go to extreme at time.

So share your thoughts and ideas with us, but all the writing have to be in English only!

And don’t worry nobody will laugh if your English is not the greatest, I won’t allow it anyhow!

And note that any comments that would refer to schools or teachers will not be displayed!

Best regards,

Al Watan™


10 تعليقات على “How can you improve your kids English language skills? Any ideas?

  1. Hello,
    In my opinion to teach a kid a good language is a blessing nowadays. Its good for their future especially in this talented society. As I do it,

    1. make my children watch their favorite cartoons in arabic first then in english many times so that they get it at their favorite way.

    2. Speak the language with them not to the limit they forget their main language but to the limit of just getting small verbal words.

    3. Answer their translation enquieries with no hesitation or embaressment (I can answer it infront of dozens of people 🙂 ).

    Um mohd jamal

  2. Hi ,
    thanks for mention these subject brother
    I would like to give some ideas from my experiments , the first idea is to involve our kid in the english world like litsining to english kids songs , english cartoons or movies for kids and reading english stories for them , because kids who are between 3 years and 5 are learning words easily in their minds .

    Another thing is to share them in english community … .They can learn reading , writing and listening to new english words.

    Finally, doing these things won’t affect their arabic language because they still live in the arab community.

    Best regards

  3. Thank you Al Watan for your efforts,
    Improving kids English language skills is very important especially in our country. UAE considers English language as a second language.

    These are some ways:
    1. Talk with your kids in English but not every time.
    2. Let your kids to express their feelings and use English language in restaurants, markets, bookshops…
    3. Read with your kids English stories and books before sleeping time.

    Al watan thank you for giving us a chance to talk in English. I hope to not be the last chance.

  4. I send my kids to kindergarten where they start with them the basic like, good morning, no no no, good girl … very simple words that can help them to understand.

    English will be important in their life anyway..

    at home I use multi language – like some time I speak with them in Arabic and some time in English.

  5. Its an important subject to me because im trying to teach my kids english
    Im trying to speske to them in english i do it for few hours then back to arabic
    Ithink making it home language is the best thing
    Also some times we play games togather using english words
    They can watؤh cartons in easy english
    This what ihave in my mind im waiting to hear from others

  6. For me I would prefer use video games to improve the kids language. I still remember a game on psp that improved my English language in funny way.. Sadly I can’t remember the name of the game 😦

  7. Hey,
    There are such good ways to teach r children to speak english, and I am gonna to list some that coming up in my mind :
    1. Bed time stories are benifical in some how the child will be able to connect between the illustration and the written langauge. It is good idea to choose some books without words and to encourage the child to speak and use own imagination to read the story.
    2. English cartoon, redio conversations, using the Ipad by installing english educational games, rhymes, and stories.
    3. Speaking with the child in English at home.
    4.Push the child to speak with the seller in the shops after he get his own toy to ask about the price.
    4. If the child is shy try to encourage another Child like brother or frined to read a book in english•

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