Z10 … Wish List Of The Things That Need To Be Done in The Next OS Release by RIM


First of all I would like to thank RIM for making us a phone we can finally work and play on … it is sad that it was launched without testing it … but it is OK … now can you please fix it and make it better ?! 

List of the Things RIM should have done before but now need to urgently look into and release it as part of the next OS release … or dare I say it … loose it all:

Orientation sensitivity; when waking up the device from standby and opening the Hub or say the phone book ,while the phone is flat on a desk, it will shift to landscape.  It is also noticed that the orientation shifting from portrait to landscape is slow, it need to be slightly faster, even if it means less animation.  My storm II can do it faster!

Rearrangement of Hub items; like arranging the order of the list, grouping of several email accounts together, option for one line Hub items

Exiting the Hub, if we read a message in the Hub and then exit to something else on the phone it remains there in the last item.  That is why when returning to the hub to check new messages for example, it will go to the last opened message not to the Hub main page, fix it or give us the option to always go to main Hub view

New messages indicator in the status bar … so that it can be seen from any page without having to go to the Hub every minute to check!  If not for all the items, then at least we can select a few or just one to know that there is a new message in the Hub

Adding Icons for settings; like the possibility of adding a shortcut icon to the Hot spot settings, or sound profiles.  And with all due respect to the excellent hub Idea, can we have the option to make a shortcut to email as an icon please?!

Sound Profileswithout any explanation can you bring the old customization sound profiles, please? (how did you manage to miss this .. you did test the phone >> did you!?  And yeah … louder rings please … you can barely hear it ringing if it is in your pocket!

Stand by screendo you see the picture above, we need it to stay on .. give us the option and don’t worry about the battery life .. let me chose what to do with my phone .. this is why i buy blackberries not i Phones !

Alarms, what happened to inserting alarms in the calender … and by the way the single alarm avaiable is too low … make it louder … it is an alarm not sothing sleeping music .. you did test it right ?!

Smaller active windows give us the option to choose the size of the active windows.  if I have more than 4 active it is annoying to scroll up and down.  maybe nine in one page seems more useful.  I understand it might not be possible to stay active and small, but it is OK let us choose what we want on our phones, it is not an i phone is it !?

Improve phone answer, the current is difficult unless you greatly concentrate.  Mastering to answer the phone while driving is very hard, can we have a simple  normal green and red handsets, please.  If you add a mute button between them would be even wonderful

Folder icons limit, why is the limit in number of items in a folder, no such limit was there in the playbook.  May we please be allowed to add more than now, please!

Notes, How did you miss it … we want it back please … just give it to us … we are old fashioned … yes we downloaded a very good notes software but we want a native one

Typing in Horizontal mode, please make the keyboard appear horizontally everywhere, even if we open the BBM not from the Hub … I am sure you did test the phone!  Any why while your at it make sureو , reduce the size of the name and picture par in the chat window in BBM  at the top in horizontal view as in the STORMs and the 9860/9850 Torch

Storm Typing,  would it be too much to ask if you add a short vibrate feedback when you touch a key on the phone or you type in the keyboard.  You missed in the Torch, please bring back as an option, please please please.

Arabic Typing, maybe you did not test this one, OK lets start; make shifting between Arabic and English keyboard easy, I mean come on it was better on the Torch … the torch was a Blackberry right!?  and while you’re at it please make the enter button slightly bigger on the Arabic keyboard, as big as in the English keyboard would nice nice! Oh .. and yes please make the Arabic Tashkil (phonetic) on a keyboard, not all of them in one crowded bubble .. look at a Torch keyboard and maybe you will get it!?

Classic Mode, can we have an optional buttons on the bottom of the screen and they should appear everywhere, something similar to what was there in the Storm II but soft buttons, please.  you swiping in awesome, but we are retro lovers

Picture Folders, who designed those folders .. fire him please, and please take a look at the camera and picture folders used in WordPress on the Z10 ( take a look )

Word Substitution, why don’t you keep it even further dug into the settings folder, can you please make it simpler or add a short cut to it in BBM or allow us to create a short cut for it on the desk top.  Another issue is if you copy text with spaces between word it omits the spaces.  Yeah right you did test the phone.  By the way word substitution is big in the GCC market users

Hanging on booting, did it twice in a week, but thank God you made it possible to hold the power button long enough to reboot it again and it did work

Keyboard when needed only, when opening a new message in the hub or in BBM the keyboard always comes out, annoying, please fix this!

Back-up size is amazingly huge, first week the size 2 GB and I am sure it will increase later.  Link gives an error and can never complete the back up.  Is it possible to take a smaller back say just emails and setting, as an option.  We will take a full backup when we want to.  For example if I start the backup and it rings the back up is interrupted if I answer the phone

Face Flow not working, do you know why it wont even open when I click it!

Limitation to 8 active windows, why … now this is by design so you know about it and you accepted it !!!

Creating folders, after the 9th folder you cannot create an additional folder unless you restart the system, make me think seriously about the tests you did, but it is OK .. just fix it.

I will keep adding items as I discover it, hoping that it will be fixed.  whatever is fixed by an update, will be changed to green, otherwise it t remain red


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